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December, 2016

October, 2016

  • 27 October

    Guest Column: Identity impacts election decisions

    `Voting choices may be based on policy – but our humanity matters, too. Mr. Patrick Williams ’03 Assistant Director of Admissions and Diversity First and foremost I think it is very important to vote. As I have become more informed on our country’s history, specifically our country’s history of restricting …

  • 27 October

    Trump rallies: Not as scary as they seem

    I went to a Trump rally this month, and was amazed, shocked, and angered, but not as afraid as I thought I’d be.

  • 25 October

    We endorse discussion this election season

    Labeling, criticizing, and close-mindedness have dominated this election season. That’s a bigger problem for Americans than the candidates. On October 11, Father Cassidy delivered a meaningful message in our non-conventional Tuesday chapel meeting. He spoke about Syrian refugees and how the world seems to often be split into two, with each group …

September, 2016

August, 2016

  • 23 August

    Nothing new at Pence rally

    I went to a rally for the Trump/Pence ticket in King of Prussia, and I felt like I had simply watched a highlight reel of the RNC. My grandmother asked last night if I wanted to go to a rally for VP candidate Mike Pence today in King of Prussia. …

May, 2016