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Dan Malloy
Editor in Chief
Dan is a junior and has been on the BFC for two years. He started as Art Editor last year and became the Chief Investigative Reporter in his junior year. He runs cross country and track, and participates in Science Fair.
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Eric McLaughlin
Editor in Chief
Eric has been on the BFC since his freshman year. He was a reporter for his first two years at Malvern and served as Social Media Editor in 2015-16. He also plays golf for Malvern and participates in many other clubs at school. Eric lives in Media, Pa with his siblings.
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Ethan Rowley
Managing Editor, Print
Ethan started on staff when he was a freshman. After taking Graphic Design as a sophomore, he transitioned from newswriting to layout and graphic design. Outside of the newsroom, he is a member of stage crew, Speech and Debate, Academic Competition, and several other clubs.
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Chase Bennett
Managing Editor, Web
Chase may not be a great writer but he's a heckuva good designer. Good kid, can eat a lot, relatable to the average high school student, enjoys mozzarella sticks and pizza the most and can name almost any meme you show him. #ayylmao
Michael Harrington
Chief Investigative Reporter
Michael began writing for the Blackfriar Chronicle during his freshman year. He loves to write and the BFC is a great outlet for that. Mike plays for the varsity squash team and is a part of the weightlifting team.
Jack Magargee
Business + PR Manager
Jack has been involved with the BFC since he was a freshman. He joined the editorial board as a freshman and was Media and Tech editor for his sophomore year. He served as Managing Web Editor in his junior year. Jack also participates in MTS and Mathletes.


Kyle Leonard
Sports Editor
Kyle has been involved with the Blackfriar Chronicle since his freshman year. A resident of Malvern, PA, Kyle is a part of the winter track and baseball teams, MTS, and the Diversity Awareness Club. Kyle also plays piano, trumpet, and some guitar.
Dan King
Podcast Editor + Social Media Editor
Dan has been involved with the Blackfriar Chronicle since freshman year. He served as Media and Culture during sophomore year. He is part of the rugby and squash teams as well as multiple clubs.
Garrett Hallinan
Sports Editor
Garrett began writing for the Blackfriar Chronicle his freshman year. He plays golf and intramural basketball for Malvern, and he sings in Malvern’s Men Chorus.
Teddy Hawke
Friar Life Editor
Teddy began working with the Blackfriar Chronicle as a freshman. He is a part of the varsity swim team at Malvern and swims outside of school year-round.
Alex Haylock
Friar Life Editor
Alex has been involved with Blackfriar Chronicle since 2015. He is a member of the track team, and enjoys running in general.
Joe Lister
Social Media Editor
Joe Lister is has been on the Blackfriar Chronicle since sixth grade. In 2017, he was named National Aspiring Young Journalist by the Journalism Education Association. He is in Malvern Theatre Society and also plays soccer for Malvern.
Luke McClatchy
Media + Culture Editor
Luke McClatchy has been on the Blackfriar Chronicle since sophomore year. He is involved with Malvern’s Rugby Team as well.


Aidan Gallary
Assistant Business Manager
Aidan is a freshman at Malvern and has been working on selling ads for the paper. He is involved multiple clubs including mock trial, stock market club and debate. He is a part of the sailing team and pole vaults for the track team in the winter and spring.
Rohan Jhunjhunwala
Rohan has been involved with the Blackfriar Chronicle for two years. He is a member of the varsity wrestling team and plays a substantial role in a variety of clubs including Speech and Debate and Robotics.
Aidan Khalil
Aidan Khalil is a sophomore who started working with the BFC this year. He is a varsity swimmer for Malvern Prep and swims at MSA year around.
Steven O'Meara
Steven has been on the BFC since the beginning of his sophomore year. He is involved in various clubs and activities at Malvern. He resides in West Chester, PA.
Owen Preston
Owen has been involved with the Blackfriar Chronicle for one year. He plays soccer, does stage crew and currently swims. He is from Newtown Square, PA.
Brian Szipszky
Brian is a freshman at Malvern who lives in Newtown Square, PA, and is a member of the tennis team. Brian also recently became involved in the Malvern Theatre Society.
Jack Guardiola
Copy Editor
Joining the BFC to improve his writing, Jack began writing for the BFC in September of his freshman year. He quickly became interested, and enjoys writing for the BFC each month. He is involved in many clubs and runs for Malvern year round.



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